Your Birthright is Creative and Expressive Freedom.

The desire to explore the spectrum of gender expression is an initiation from the natural world... inviting you into a deeper and more authentic relationship with life, creativity and love.
Remapping Gender Workshop

Being Queer Just got a Little bit Easier...

  • A New Orientation

    By looking to the natural world for guidance, we will be able to establish a new framework of understanding which we can then use to explore and create.

  • Celebrating YOU

    If you don't hear this enough... its OKAY to be you! But not because i say so, and not because it's a pretty story. Instead, because of reality. Because of truth.

  • Empowering & Clarifying

    Being queer/trans can be challenging. Which is why its so important to have a worldview that both empowers and clarifies the authentic you.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • You are Nature

    • The Ground of Gender (Polarity)

    • Polarity is Change

    • The Spectrum of Creative Expression

    • Permission to Exist

    • Mapping the Spectrum of Gender Expression

    • The (Queer) Hero’s Journey

It's Lovely to Meet You

Lauren Sunshine

I'm a transition coach and rainbow guide, with an emphasis on creative expression and personal freedom. ​ My goal is to guide transgender and queer individuals through the process of cultivating a healthier and more harmonious relationship with gender and creativity.

Are you Ready to Shine with ALL the Colors of the Rainbow?